Window Guards

Safety Screens has secured hundreds of different buildings of all shapes and sizes. Since 1997, we have listened to our customers and built guards to fit their specific needs. We understand a security guard doesn't need to be a person or a monthly expense. We build our security guards with the vision to secure the building attractively, so let us help you secure yours too! ​​


1a&b) As you can see in the "BEFORE" photo, the bars installed by the school district did not prevent vandalism.  The "AFTER" photo shows Galvanized Screens with the Keyless Door Lock feature.  Which do you prefer?

2) Look closely at the Interior Mount RSB-1© photo and you will notice that the window guard with the security door is opened to show the emergency exit. The computers in the media lab are well secured.
3) School administrators are very happy when their media labs are secured with Safety Screen's attractive window guards.

4) Large glass windows and doors are often high-security risk areas. Office buildings, storefronts, and glass entrance doors can be easy targets for vandalism and too often alarms and security cameras won't stop theft. Safety Screen window guards are an attractive solution, as seen in the photo of the 2-Color Window Guards Screens.

We pay attention to the details.

1a) AFTER:  Galvanized Screen with
​Keyless Door Lock
1a) AFTER:  Galvanized Screen with ​Keyless Door Lock
1b) BEFORE:  Bars with  Broken Glass
1b) BEFORE:  Bars with  Broken Glass
2) Interior RSB-1 with Keyless Door Lock
3) A Happy School Administrator
4) 2-color Window Guard Screens