Guards that protect and secure your buildings from the ground to the roof top.

Safety Screen Security is a manufacturer of commercial use custom and standard-size guards for buildings and portable classrooms.  Window security bars (a.k.a. window guards), security doors and security screen doors, air conditioner cages, and more.

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Window Guards & Security Doors in California

We manufacture window guards, AC unit guards, and custom security doors to secure classrooms & school buildings, city, county and government buildings, parks & recreation buildings, community centers, multi-unit properties and more.

Our Safety Screen Security guards are:

  • The #1 security guards for windows, glass doors, and AC units for Schools
  • Designed for installation in interior or exterior window applications
  • Recommended by State Architect designers, School Facility & Maintenance Directors and Building Safety Managers
  • Our Security Locks allow Quick Egress & meet local fire department codes
  • Secure your portable building, media lab, office, or any building you need!

Safety Screen Security products are available for shipment throughout the (48) contiguous states in the U.S.A.