Years of Experience 

Security Doors is a division of Safety Screen Security and we've been securing homes, businesses and schools since 1997. We sell standard-size security doors (30", 32", 36" wide single doors)  and also double-security door (64", 72") models. Standard colors are black, white and almond. As a manufacturer, we build custom size Security Doors and we also offer custom                        "Color Match Paint" if you want the security doors to blend in well with the color of your home or any type of building.               We offer installation services in Southern California, please contact us to inquire if you are located in our service area.

Depending on your Southern California location, our "Single" security door prices include installation from $598 - $698 and our "Double" security door prices include installation from $1089 - $1119. Please call or email us today to place your order and we'll schedule the day to install the door for you!  You're in good hands, we've been in business over 20 years!

Early-birds call us at (909) 230-0879 from 5AM to 11AM PST Mon. - Friday, or email us at now.               Feel free to call the Main Office at (909) 621-5814. Hours are Monday-Friday 9AM - 5PM Pacific Standard Time. If we miss your call, please leave a message anytime or day with the best phone number and best times we should call you back. ​​

Our Security Doors and Safety Window Guards are:

Above, "Capital" $698 single security door 

Licensed & Insured
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Contact Us Today!

Above, "Simplicity" double security  door $1119

Above, "Capital" double security  door $1119

Above, "Simplicity" $698 single security door 

Above, Glass front doors are secured with security window bars. (without the "bars" look)

Above, "Casa Linda" $598 single security door 

Above, "Archway" double security door $1119 


Above photo, the door "jam" is the tan painted wood that the door fits in between. It measures 35 inches wide.

Above, "Archway Max" $668 single security door perf. has Lower Visability.

See above, we also build Security Window Bars to secure a GlassDoor and large windows for warehouse and commercial buildings.

Our security locks allow for Quick Egress, as required by local fire department codes on security windows
We ship to the lower 48 contiguous states, with easy installation 

Above, "Casa Linda" double security door $1089 

Above, "Archway" $598 single security door 

Recommended and approved by County Fire Departments for homes and school security too! 
The #1 security manufacturer for window guards, glass  and standard security doors, and AC unit guards. Our window guards are designed for installation in interior or exterior window applications     
Recommended by State Architect designers, Facility & Maintenance Directors and Building Safety Managers    

Above, Double glassdoors with color match security window guards.

What size door do you need? It's easy, just measure the door-width opening using the floor threshold plate.  (The measuring tape or ruler needs to lay on a solid surface.)

       What color makes you Happy?                We offer Custom Color Match Paints: Above is a office door with "Red" color match security window bars (without the look of "bars")

Above photo, place a measuring tape or ruler on the floor, and measure from left side of door jam to the right side jam .

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