Screen Infill Options

The Left Panel in the photo is our 1/2" Expanded Metal Infill. The Expanded Metal Infill is the standard, lowest-cost infill we offer for window guards. 

The Middle Panel is an example of our Galvanized Expanded Metal Infill. It is shown here as an unpainted, 3/4" Expanded Metal so it's easier to see, but will typically come in 1/2" Expanded and will always be powder coated along with the rest of the screen.  Galvanized Infill protects long-term against rust. 

The Right Panel shows our High-Visibility Perforated Infill, our most popular option. Safety Screen's high-quality High Visibility steel screen is not only secure, but also provides an excellent view from inside your building.

We also offer Stainless-Steel Infill Mesh (photo not shown).

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