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2) When you need to secure your portable building from break-ins, but prefer not to have Security Window Guards on the exterior of  your buildings, then Interior-MountedDesign Safety Screens are a perfect fit. Interior Egress security guards mount within the frame / sill area inside your building.  

4) The 2-Door RSB-2© Release window guard provides an emergency exit window on both sides of any window with two openings, as found on many Modular & Portable Buildings. Please note, this patented design model can be made as  an interior mount design. Like the Single Door Slide-Bolt Release, the keyless security door lock simply locks within its own frame when closed.  This model is perfect for easy cleaning.

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3) RSB-1© Release window guard has a "spring loaded" security lock, and its "Narrow Profile" patented design will fit snug along your portable building to blend in seamlessly.   This model is very popular for portable buildings used as Media Labs and Computer Labs, and buildings containing valuable resources.  The keyless door lock "Slide Bolt" © Safety Screen is one of the easiest to install and the patented design works well for high-security applications. The model is Fire Department approved, as well as DIR approved.

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5) Our Push-Button© Release window guards are mounted to the outside of your portable building and can be opened from the inside. The patented design with a simple push of a button connects to the exterior security lock box, circled in red on the photo. This a common choice for portable classrooms and modular buildings. The model is available in a ADA Compliant design, is Fire Department approved, as well as DIR approved.

Products For Portable Buildings

Safety Screen Security specializes in securing portable building windows, AC units and HVAC units. Our company got its start manufacturing patented design window guards for portable buildings, and it remains one of our common product applications. ​​

This type of building includes portable buildings, modular buildings, media labs, computer labs, and prefab buildings.

​Many security options are available including window guards, AC guards, and HVAC guards. Window security-door openings have keyless security locks, and are often used with Portable Buildings as these buildings typically have only one exit.


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6a&b) Safety Screen Security AC Unit Guards protect your HVAC units from condenser damage caused by vandalism or accidents, as well as theft of copper and aluminum tubing.  

AC units can be very expensive to repair, and often need to be replaced after extensive damage. Securing them before incidents take place can save up to thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs. 

The portable building AC Unit Guards are built as a stationary full steel cage, or with removable doors to provide easy access for maintenance work.