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3) Interior Guards

2) The building shown here is completely secured with security guards. Window guards and custom security door guards were built and powder-coat painted to match the building.  

6) Vandalized Door

5) A school administrator who just had his media lab secured with Safety Screen window guards is indeed a happy school administrator.   The dark bronze/brown paint color was selected for the window guard because it matches the labs tinted windows.

1) Media labs are prime targets for theft.  Our records indicate that although alarms and cameras were active, 80% of the time security arrived too late to stop theft. The GOOD NEWS: Once our guards were installed, the break-ins completely stopped.  

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2) Custom Security Door Guards

3) Take a close look at the green painted Safety Screen window guards in the media lab. The security guards are an interior mount design and they have excellent visibility. Our window guards have optional removable frames for easy window cleaning.  

Computer Labs and media labs can be properly secured with interior or exterior window guards for a fraction of the cost of computers and electronic equipment. 1A) "CEHP" Corner Edge Head Protectors stop head injuries, like on MDF & IDF cabinets, HVAC units on portable classrooms and many other areas.

5) Media Lab is Secured

4) Library is Secured

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Products For Media Labs, Classrooms, Computer Labs and More

We manufacture security guards for media labs, computer labs and classrooms. We specialize in window guards with security locks, AC unit guards and custom security doors.​​

Our security window guards and custom security doors have secured hundreds of media labs, computer labs, and buildings that contain valuable products and information.

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1) Interior Window Guard Opened

4) In the Library photo you can see one of our very satisfied customers.  Her library / computer lab is now well secured with Safety Screen Security window guards.

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1A) Corner Edge Head Protector for MDF

6) Vandals and thieves to not give advance warning.  They strike at unexpected times and places.  Safety Screens Security will help you be prepared for the unexpected. By contacting us today, you can save many thousands of dollars in future losses. Does your building have a glass door or an adjacent glass window? If so, it is an easy target for break-ins and it's easy for a burglar to open the panic bar on the door.